Chiropractic Patients are Overwhelmingly Satisfied with Results!

March 14, 2018

A national survey was recently conducted regarding the general population’s use of chiropractic care.  The intent behind the survey was to determine how many people utilize chiropractic care and their general response to/results from this type of care.   Out of 42,000 surveyed, almost 35,000 people responded – equaling an 80% response rate, impressive by survey standards! 

The results of those surveyed showed that:

  • 24% had seen a chiropractor in their lifetime
  • 8.5% had visited a chiropractor within the last year
  • Average number of times the individuals sought chiropractic care within the last year: 10

The top reasons that people sought chiropractic care were:

  • 63% - For back pain
  • 37% - For neck pain
  • 23% - For pain/discomfort in a muscle, joint or bone
  • 43% - For general wellness and disease prevention
  • 16% - To improve and enhance energy
  • 15% - To improve and enhance sports performance
  • 11% - To improve enhance immunity/immune system function

Now, the average person who has never been to a chiropractor might assume that chiropractors mainly treat neck pain, headaches, back pain, and the like.  But he or she might not be aware of the many benefits of chiropractic care, of the wide variety of reasons people seek chiropractic care (i.e., to improve energy, enhance immunity, boost mood, help with digestive issues, et cetera).  The results of this survey allow people who’ve never been to a chiropractor a glimpse of the myriad of health benefits they are missing out on. 

The survey respondents reported the following results from chiropractic care:

  • 67% said they felt better, and that chiropractic improved their overall health
  • 42% said it helped them sleep better
  • 40% said it reduced their stress level and helped them to relax
  • 39% said that going to the chiropractor helped them to cope with health problems in general
  • 33% said that it gave them a sense of control over their health and well being
  • 27% said it made them feel better emotionally
  • 17% said it helped improve their attendance at work and/or school, due to being sick less often. 


While the top reasons people listed for seeking chiropractic care were related to back, neck and joint pain, it is interesting to note that the 34,000 who responded to the survey listed a total of 88 separate health conditions for which they sought chiropractic care. 

So why did the individuals who responded to the survey choose to seek chiropractic care for their health concerns, as opposed to medical doctors or other health care practitioners? 

  • 60% said that they needed chiropractic care along with medical care in order to alleviate the condition or clear up the problem
  • 62% said they sought chiropractic care specifically because chiropractors treat the cause, not the symptoms, of a condition or injury
  • 38% percent chose chiropractic care because it is all natural and drug free,


  • 34% stated they went to the chiropractor because medical care did not work for their condition or problem.

Were people satisfied with the results from their chiropractic care? 

  • 65% said that chiropractic helped them with their problem “a great deal”
  • 26% stated that it helped somewhat
  • 6% said that it helped a little,


  • only 3.5% said that chiropractic didn’t help them at all.  

Overall, this equates to a 96.5% satisfaction rate!

Of the individuals surveyed, who initially referred them to chiropractic care? 

  • 32% stated that a family member had referred them to the chiropractor
  • 26% were referred by a friend
  • 18% were referred by their medical doctors,


  • 11%  were referred by a coworker. 


We at Reinceke Chiropractic get a lot of referrals from family and friends, and I was actually surprised that 18% of the survey respondents were referred by medical doctors.  This number should indicate to skeptics that if almost 20% of chiropractic patients are referred to chiropractic care by their medical doctors, then there must be some validity to this line of care.  All doctors are in practice because they want to help people, whether they’re medical doctors, chiropractic, or other health care professionals. 

If you have a condition and think chiropractic care might help, come see us at Reinecke Chiropractic!  We’ll evaluate you and determine the best course of treatment.  96.5% of chiropractic patients can’t be wrong!