Treatment of Pelvic Instability

The chiropractors at our clinic in Sioux Falls base their treatment on muscle testing – they are skilled at using strength of specific muscles to determine degree of nerve root deficit (how bad the nerves are being pinched) in the neck and low back.

Of primary concern are the muscles and ligaments involved with the pelvis. A key part of any patient exam is a muscle check for “pelvic instabilities”. Pelvic instabilities, or chronic sacroiliac sprains, happen when the sacroiliac joint (the joints between your tail bone and the two hip bones) has been sprained repeatedly or severely. The results are sacroiliac joint (S/I) unable to maintain its integrity – it becomes sloppy. As long as the S/I joint is dysfunctional any other chiropractic adjustments will affect the joint adversely by the instability.

Treatment consists of taking the torque out of the “sprung” pelvis and instructing the patient to wear a 2 inch wide support belt across the pelvis while the joint heals.

Many of our patients who failed to find relief elsewhere – medically or with chiropractic, finally get relief and have their adjustments hold after their pelvic instability is attended to.


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