Detox Foot Baths

Ionic detox foot baths have long been a therapeutic remedy and often included among traditional Chinese medicines and we perform it in our Sioux Falls location. This detox is beneficial at removing potentially harmful chemicals or natural debris from the body which has built up in order to more normalize a person’s pH (acidity) in the body. A normal pH is important because many functions in the body are optimized at the body’s pH and so an overly acidic body will result in less than optimal function.

The detox foot bath is a mixture of salts with a very slight electric current running through it. The process of diffusion in the body moves substances from an area of high concentration to low concentration, but a medium, the salt water, is needed and the electrical current helps facilitate the transfer. The water will turn brown in a foot bath before long due to the chemical reaction of the electricity with the salt water, but bits of debris will also accumulate on the surface. The debris is the obvious sign that the detox is occurring.

Detox foot bath sessions typically last under 30 minutes and are performed right here in our Sioux Falls chiropractic clinic.