Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic is a healing art and science. It is the science of finding loss of nerve function in the human body and of determining the effect of that nerve deficit on the body's natural recuperative powers. It is also the art of restoring function to the joints of the body, primarily the spine, to restore the loss of nerve function.

Doctors at Jorde Chiropractic Clinic use the science of muscle testing to determine where the deficiency of nerve function is. Muscle testing even allows the doctor to determine the precise movement that is required to restore function to the vertebral segment which is causing the loss of nerve function. This makes the adjustments given at Jorde Chiropractic Clinic very effective and puts the patients at ease for their adjustment. Once the spinal adjustment is made, both doctors and patients can feel the improvement in strength of the "indicator" muscle.

By using muscle testing, the doctors at Jorde Chiropractic are able to evaluate your nervous system better than your own perception. Many times asymptomatic primary problems are detected, and when treated, many times the recurrent and painful chief complaint responds and does not return like it used to. Once the primary underlying cause is corrected, the secondary overt symptoms subside.

  Assisted Traction Adjustments

The chiropractors at Jorde Chiropractic Clinic of Sioux Falls use specific muscle tests to determine nerve root deficit. Strength testing of the muscles of the arm or leg gives a good indication of nerve root conduction in the neck and low back, respectively. When a weakness is detected which is strengthened by altering the position of the patient’s neck or trunk, spinal involvement is determined.

Once the specific segment is identified and the exact direction that segment needs to be moved has been determined, the adjustment is performed simultaneously with light traction to the spinal column.

The results are more effective using traction with the chiropractic adjustment. Conditions respond faster and can be monitored to determine need for treatment BEFORE symptoms reoccur.

What’s even better than that is patients don’t have to worry about relaxing for their adjustments at Jorde  Chiropractic. The addition of traction to our cervical and lumbar adjustments helps take away the thought "I hope I can relax" in our patients' minds.

Our science of muscle testing and our art of skilled adjusting make the chiropractors at Jorde Chiropractic Clinic a good choice for the chiropractic patient that wants a second opinion or the first time patient wondering if chiropractic can help them.