ARPwave Therapy

ARPwave therapy, or ARP, is a patented blend of direct current and microamperage e-stim. The random physiologic level microcurrent finds the right frequency and amplitude for each patient much like a self-focusing camerafinds the right setting.

With the body-matched microcurrent flowing, the correct “work horse” portion of the ARPwave can penetrate to the deepest soft tissue with patient perception greatly reduced. The direct current portion of the ARPwave works on scar tissue in its most difficult to reach locations within the muscle fibers themselves.

Muscles are designed to protect joints and hold them in a stress free position of comfort. When a muscle is injured, let’s say a sprained ankle or hyperextended shoulder, scar tissue and inflammation develop in the areas of injury.

If inflammation of the injured area doesn’t resolve, scar tissue will remain within the muscle fibers; not allowing them to elongate properly. If they cannot lengthen (back swing, wind up), they cannot contract maximally and will contribute to joint pain and wear (pain on impact) I.E. tendonitis, bursitis, epicondylitis, and arthritis.

An ARPwave treatment consists of the ARPtech using the ARPwave itself to find areas of maximal inflammation and scarification. The patient will feel the intensity of the ARPwave the most exactly where the body needs to be stimulated the most.

Once the “hot spots” are found it is a matter of having the patient move in a manner to specifically target the involved muscles to restore proper elongation and movement.

To summarize:

  • ARP finds the “short” and reduces inflammation
  • Proper movement patterns are restored
  • Previously weak muscles are strengthened to support proper movement pattern
  • With the injured muscles reprogrammed it is like ARPwave erases the body’s memory of the injury

 The ARPwave that we use at our Sioux Falls clinic is effective on chronic injuries and recent injuries. ARPwave therapy will typically cut injury recovery time IN HALF and many times winds up being the answer to many conditions that have failed to respond to other treatments.


To learn more about ARPwave therapy, check out the website of the developer at 

Also, see our home care page for more information on things to do at home for ARP patients as well as recommendations before getting your first ARP