Nutritional Therapy

For conditions which involve the patient not having enough of the good things (deficiency) or having too much of the bad things (toxicity), Jorde Chiropactic offers Applied Kinesiology exams under Dr. Reinecke at our Sioux Falls location.

Just like our patients see how muscle weakness relates to joint function and nerve impingement, they see how sometimes it is the muscle itself that is making the test weak. Specific treatments to the muscle itself restore function in that case.

When the muscle weakness relates to ORGAN weakness, the patient doesn’t need muscle therapy, but rather nutritional therapy.

Applied Kinesiology nutritional examinations use muscle testing to determine the patient’s main weaknesses and what nutrients they require the most to improve their condition.

Complaints like digestive problems, fatigue, restless sleep, and difficulty losing weight many times responds to the right nutritional therapy.