Common Fallacies About Chiropractic

August 26, 2020

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Adjustments hurt



The skill, technique, and experience of the chiropractor makes something that looks like it would hurt into a release that brings relief.


If I needed a chiropractor, my doctor would let me know



Medical doctors are good about referring to other MD's and taking referrals from chiropractors, but we receive few referrals from MD's at Reinecke Chiropractic. A family doctor may say “keep it up” when a patient gives them a good report about their chiropractor, but it's rare that MD's suggest chiropractic care on their own. That's why it's so important that chiropractic patients tell the chiropractic story.


Chiropractic is ok for low back problems, but you should have them leave your neck alone



Chiropractors improve the function of the nervous system by restoring spinal mobility. This applies to the entire spine. The relationship between spinal structures and nerve function are just as direct in the neck as the low back. A cervical chiropractic adjustment moves the vertebral joints through their NORMAL range of motion, not to the extent that delicate vascular structures in the neck would be adversely affected. Statistically, the chances of stroke related to a chiropractic adjustment are less than the odds of being struck by lightning.


Children have no reason to be seen by a chiropractor



Many chronic problems people deal with in middle and old age started with a childhood injury that wasn't taken care of with chiropractic. Just because a child stops crying doesn't mean that they didn't sustain the type of injury that would heal better with chiropractic care. Children should be checked for subluxations periodically to insure that their nervous system is at 100% function during their growth stage.


If you do have something “out” a chiropractor should be able to put it “in” in one visit



It's true that the first adjustment many times has a night-and-day effect for pain relief and improvement in function. However, the majority of the time a series of adjustments is required to restore a chronic problem the body has had to full function.


For an adjustment to work you have to hear an audible noise



Current subluxation research shows the same changes in nerve conduction when the correct joint is adjusted whether there is an audible release or not.


A person should wait until they are done with a strenuous project before going to a chiropractor



We don't get our oil changes and tires rotated after a long vacation, do we? Getting an adjustment before a big project reduces the chances of injury during the project and will help you to tolerate the increase in activity.


Once you start going to the chiropractor you have to keep going back



It is not like once you start scratching an itch you can't stop. It is more like once you discover that you enjoy or benefit from a certain activity you are encouraged to continue with it. Patients continue with chiropractic because they see it's the healthy thing to do – like exercise, eating right, and positive thought.


I don't believe in chiropractic!”


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Not everybody uses chiropractic as a part of their health care team. Then again, many people still smoke cigarettes despite the known damage to their health. We all have the right to choose the level of healthy living we choose. Living with chiropractic as part of your health care regimen will add life to your years and years to your life.


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