Keeping the Health You Have

January 18, 2018

The beginning of a new year is often a time for reflection.   When we were younger, we as children tended to focus on things that we wanted (particularly around Christmas time!), rather than what we have.  But as adults, we develop a greater appreciation of what we already have and all the blessings in our lives.  We are thankful for the people and experiences that make our lives complete. 

Our health is among our greatest possessions.  Health is an asset to be appreciated and take care of.  Unfortunately, we sometimes take this asset for granted…until we become sick or injured.  Then we realize how valuable our health really is.     

Genetics can play a role in our health and well-being, and perhaps there are certain genes at play in your DNA that interfere with your individual body’s ability to exhibit its maximum health potential.  We inherit our genetic code from our mother and father, and this genetic code determines much more than our hair and eye color.  DNA plays a role in determining our height, weight, metabolism, and even our predisposition to certain diseases or food sensitivities.  And while we can’t do anything to change our geneticsthere are many variablewithin our control when it comes to achieving and maintaining good health.  It is within your power to help your body express its ultimate wellness potential.    

We now have the ability to purchase DNA/genetic testing and can find out exactly which genetic tendencies a person has inherited.  You can order a general DNA testing kit, and can even request a DNA test for a specific health issue (such as liver health, heart health, etc.).   

Sometimes we inherit a DNA code that is missing one or more of the three million chemical bases that make up DNA.   While some of these missing “links” in the DNA code are irreplaceable, with others the effects can be minimized with vitamins or supplements.  If your body doesn’t make a particular enzyme due to a missing DNA link or chemical base, there may be a “work-around” that can make up for this deficiency.   If, for example, you have inherited a liver enzyme deficiency in your DNA, then your body will need help detoxifying and flushing out toxins from the bloodstream (which is the liver’s job).   Vitamins and supplements can assist with this by replacing or making up for the missing enzymes.   

Even if you don’t know your DNA specifics, there any many habits that can help you feel your best and be well.  We all know that smoking, drinking, being overweight and ingesting excess gluten or dairy are all things that can compromise your body’s optimal health.   Even without genetic testing, we know that it’s important to exercise, stay hydrated, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, watch our saturated fat intake, quit smoking, and take our vitamins.   

One additional step toward feeling your best is seeking chiropractic care.  Your spine controls your entire nervous and immune systems, so it’s important to ensure that your spine is in proper alignment to allow for maximum health and function.  Some conditions that seem hopeless or "everything" has been tried, can be cleared up with the appropriate diagnosis and application of chiropractic treatment.   

For example, let’s say an individual has a back injury.  This injury affects the muscular strength in one of the person’s legs, and because of that, it is easier for him to sprain his ankle.  As time goes on and he continueto sprain his ankle, he gives up and resigns himself to the fact that he must just have a weak ankle.  What he doesn’t realize is that he might actually have a subluxation in his back as the result of his original injury, and that a chiropractor could help correct this.  A chiropractic adjustment could restore health and function to the individual’s back and leg, and his ankle would eventually become strong again.   Sometimes people go for years living with an unknown muscle weakness or problem, and eventually end up seeking medical care – which often results in a recommendation of surgery.  Ithese patients had sought chiropractic care years ago, the original subluxation could have been treated, and the years of pain and discomfort could have been avoided altogether.   

You won’t know whether a chiropractor can help with your condition until you make an appointment and see one.  At Reinecke Chiropractic, we offer a free consultation.  Just give us a call we’ll set up a time for you to speak to one of our doctors about the problem you’ve been experiencing.  A chiropractor will evaluate you to determine if this is an issue we can help you with.  Whether we can help you or not, the consultation is free.   

We all want to feel our best, and our health is our greatest asset.  Our quality of life is enormously tied to how we feel and our ability to do the things we love to do.   At Reinecke Chiropractic, our mission and our passion is to help you keep the health you already have, and to help you reach your maximum health potentialand keep doing the things you love to do.