The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body

June 18, 2019

Is there something that happens with a chiropractic adjustment that is more than just bones moving?

With its inception chiropractic has been a healing art – a type of health care. D.D. Palmer, the founder and developer of chiropractic held in high regard the effect that misplaced or dysfunctional vertebrae had on the nerve trunks emanating from the spine. His term for this phenomenon was subluxation. At the turn of the century modern science was in its infancy so at that time there were even chiropractic hospitals. These chiropractic infirmaries were not filled with back strains and neck kinks, they were filled with sick people!

The ART and science of chiropractic established itself as an effective healing art of the time by its positive effects on the immune system during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1916-1917. The influenza virus spread faster in crowded conditions making places like orphanages especially vulnerable. There were many accounts of the town chiropractor stopping off at the orphanage after work and going up and down the rows of beds at the orphanage infirmary adjusting each child. What made headlines was that the orphanages with chiropractors adjusting their ill children had less dead bodies stacked outside of them than those without chiropractic care.

Modern studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments increase the level of T-cells – one of the ways to measure the strength of a person's immune response!

Originally chiropractic explained the beneficial response from an adjustment as pressure being taken off pinched spinal nerves. At times this is the case, but recent research has uncovered our bodies' physiological response to ad adjustment and exactly how every chiropractic adjustment has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Our bodies' network of muscles and bones has a web of sensory type nerves deeply embedded within its structure, especially around the vertebral joints. These specialized nerve endings called mechanoreceptors have a constant back and forth communication with the brain. Lack of normal motion within the joint disrupts this constant communication, as it the brain has a blind spot in its perception and protection of the body.

A chiropractic adjustment restores normal motion to the vertebral joints. This movement stimulates the mechanoreceptors and their back and forth communication with the brain resumes.

Mechanoreceptor/brain communication is a strong connection – like 5G! Have you ever been in such pain or so miserable you had to rock back and forth to make the pain bearable? That's mechanoreceptors at work! The rocking stimulates mechanoreceptors and they “muffle” the messages of pain to the brain.

The action of the chiropractic adjustment on mechanoreceptors would explain the success chiropractic has with complaints of shoulder bursitis, elbow tendinitis, repetitive motion injuries, or hip and knee trouble. By restoring the brain's perception of its own body in the world, the brain is better able to protect its own body from injury and re-injury. It explains why chiropractic works on a ringing in the ears, or vertigo, or why it helps with mental clarity and immunity.

How does one know if chiropractic could help them with their problem?


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