The Solution to the Opioid Epidemic

May 8, 2017
If you’ve watched or read the news recently, you’re aware that there is a rampant opioid epidemic in our country.   People are unwittingly and unintentionally becoming hooked on prescription painkiller medications, which are highly addictive and the gateway to other drug addictions.   When patients run out of refills for their narcotic pain medication, or if the medication is pulled from the market and no longer available, these individuals often, out of desperation, turn to the black market to purchase the drug - which is expensive.  Heroin, on the other hand, is a much cheaper opioid alternative and unfortunately is easily accessible.  Patients who started off simply taking a medication to relieve pain end up drug-addicted.  Twenty times more people are dying in the United States from this narcotics epidemic than ever died from crack cocaine addiction, a troublesome statistic. 
It may sound too good to be true, but drug-free, 100% natural, proven and effective pain relief is available…and at a fraction of the cost of prescription medications.  Chiropractic care and ARP neuro wave therapy are much more effective than narcotic painkillers, and work twice as fast!
Chiropractic is and has been the largest drug-free health care field in the world for over 100 years, yet remains one of the best-kept wellness secrets in the world.  Countless Americans are taking narcotic pain medication for pain or symptoms that chiropractic care could alleviate quickly, effectively, and completely naturally and chemical-free.   
So what are some ailments that chiropractic can treat more effectively than narcotic pain medications?  Let’s say a person visits his doctor because he’s been experiencing chronic pain, and over-the-counter pain medications (such as Tylenol or ibuprofen) are not helping.  The doctor might suggest the patient try something stronger, such as a prescription painkiller (typically a narcotic, like hydrocodone or oxycodone).  At this point, the patient might prefer to consider alternative treatments, as opposed to taking prescription medications.  He might ask his doctor or friends and family, “Do you think this is something a chiropractor could help me with?”  The doctor might answer, “Possibly” or “I don’t know”, both of which would be honest answers.  However, if the doctors replies, “No”, I would recommend seeking a second opinion.  You won’t know until you try.
I suggest doing some research and asking coworkers and acquaintances who they see for chiropractic care, in order to get a recommendation.  (Most people who’ve been to a chiropractor once or twice know more about chiropractic than what gets taught to medical doctors in medical school on the subject!) 
At Reinecke Chiropractic, we provide not only hands-on chiropractic treatment, but also ARP Wave neuro therapy, which decreases inflammation and alleviates pain through use of electricity, reducing patients’ healing and recovery time by half! 
Often times, a patient’s pain results in a “compensation pattern”, meaning that that the pain subconsciously) alters his way of moving – of bending, sitting, reaching, walking, etc.  A limp is an example of a compensation pattern.  I’ve treated patients who’ve said to me, “I stubbed my toe a week ago and have been limping around, and now my back hurts.”  This is because by limping and/or overcompensating for an injured or weak body part, he has overused or irritated another part of the body.  When we are injured, the pain causes our bodies to react, and that reaction is recorded by our brain.  The brain replays that reaction over and over, and eventually the brain/body no longer registers this overcompensation as an “incorrect” or “unnatural” way of moving and functioning.  This improper form wears the body out more rapidly, leading to gradual onset wear-and-tear injury.  Chiropractic care treats not only the initial injury, but also the overcompensation pattern that caused it in the first place. 
If narcotic prescription medications worked so well to treat pain, people would take them for awhile and then no longer need them.  But because the pain continues (because the cause of the pain has not been addressed), patients continue to take these drugs for prolonged periods, leading to addiction and even to the development of a tolerance for the drug (meaning that higher and higher doses are required in order to continue providing pain relief).  On the other hand, chiropractic care – particularly when complemented by ARP therapy – may  reduce pain by 25% with each visit for the first four visits.  The results are obvious, and you’ll know and be able to feel very quickly whether chiropractic care is helping your problem/pain. 
For safe, effective and chemical-free pain relief that is proven and natural, try chiropractic care!