Three Reasons to See Us

November 20, 2018



1. CHIROPRACTORS ARE BEST SUITED TO TREAT AUTO INJURIES: Sometimes injuries from a car accident are severe and require an ambulance ride, but what do you do when you’re hurt and have no lacerations, fractures or concussion? Most likely you’re suffering from a soft tissue injury. We’ve all heard of “whiplash” – a neck injury caused by a rear-end collision. Any region of the spine can suffer a whiplash like injury from the severe forces involved in a car accident.


Chiropractors are the health care providers best suited to treat soft tissue injuries. Their first priority is the nervous system (obviously the most important system of the body). It’s important that your nervous system is free from impingement or irritation as your body heals. It is also important that the injured tissues (ligaments and muscles) heal in a manner that allows the body to maintain the most flexibility. Having a chiropractor keeping your spine as flexible as possible as it heals leads to more complete healing with less scarification. Just like nobody wants big scars on the outside of their body, scar tissue build up on the inside isn’t a good thing either.


2. WE HAVE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY: We are the only provider in the Sioux Empire with DynaROM technology. The DynaROM, invented by a NASA researcher, has been dubbed “the lie detector for back pain” because it was patented specifically to determine the presence of soft tissue injury. Just like x-rays at the emergency room show the presence of a fracture, a DynaROM test shows the presence of a soft tissue injury. We also have the only certified ARP Wave technician in the area. ARP Wave neurotherapy is a proprietary form of electronic stimulation that actually increases blood flow to injured areas. It reduces inflammation and increases pain free range of motion. It not only reduces pain for patients that don’t want the side effects of muscle relaxers or opioids, it can cut healing time from an injury in half.


3. EXPERIENCE: The knowledge and experience of our doctors is final reason to call us, and probably the most important one. The doctors at Reinecke Chiropractic Clinic have the methods, experience and commitment to make your care effective, proportional to your degree of injury, and in step with your lifestyle.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident recently or you are bothered with pain from a past accident, click the chat box to make an appointment.

If you are having pain that is keeping you from sleeping or working, it’s important for you to tell us that when you call so we make sure you are seen the same day you call.