About Us

At Jorde Chiropractic Clinic we work as a team to serve patients of all ages, from infants to people well into their 90s.

Some patients come with problems related to chronic pain conditions with no apparent cause. Others have symptoms that were caused by traumatic accidents and are in such pain that they can hardly get on the table.

Chiropractic adjustments aren't just for people in pain. In fact, many patients in Sioux Falls have found that regular chiropractic care KEEPS them feeling better. Chiropractic adjustments continue to maintain and enhance patients' health.

We are a full service office that caters to the Sioux Empire. We make every effort to see new patients the same day they call. Our motto is: Call us today, feel better tonight.

Our hours allow patients to be seen after work or during their lunch breaks. With three doctors on staff, even if your primary chiropractor is out of town, someone is available to see you.

Jorde Chiropractic began serving the Sioux Falls community in 1982 and, combined together, the three doctors have more than 70 years of experience.

Jorde Chiropractic Clinic accepts Medicare assignment and is a provider for most major medical insurance companies and HMOs.  We have a full-time insurance department to help with all of your insurance needs. We also provide a discount to those patients who wish to pay for services at the time they are received. Chiropractic care is also covered by worker's compensation, car insurance policies, and South Dakota Title 19 benefits (Medicaid).