Adjustments can work better than Advil

January 31, 2013

Ever felt the excruciating pain that comes from a tension headache?

A chiropractic adjustment can make that pain disappear ... and it may work immediately.

Dr. Reinecke said he's had patients sit up from the table, seconds after he adjusts their neck, and their pain is gone. Though the headache may come back in the future, the current pain is gone, and the adjustment works better than Advil or Excedrin or other over- the-counter pills.

Keep in mind that an adjustment may not provide instant relief for all headaches. Dr. Reinecke said adjustments work with some types of tension headaches.

So, you ask, how exactly does a neck adjustment make that killer pain go away?

Dr. Reinecke breaks it down like this:
Think about a cramp in a big leg muscle, and compare that cramp to being pushed on with a 2 x 4. Now, think of a cramp in a tiny muscle, a muscle that's the size of a bird feather in your upper neck.

That pain is excruciating, like getting pushed on with an ice pick. The bones are locked up, which creates a spasm. As soon as those bones are released with an adjustment, and the muscles are allowed to relax, the pressure goes away and it's like taking that ice pick off. That's how and why the pain goes away immediately.

"The muscles that are spazed out are instantly released and the tension headache goes away that quick," Dr. Reinecke said.

For people with a long history of migraine headaches, chiropractic treatment may also reduce frequency and intensity. Reinecke Chiropractic Clinic can also relieve sinus headaches by using ArpWave therapy.

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