The Chiropractic Model

April 2, 2019

How does the chiropractic view of health differ from the medical?

Even people who have been helped though chiropractic don't have a good understanding of exactly what goes on in their bodies during a chiropractic adjustment. It almost makes sense that those folks that have never been to the chiropractic would have some misconceptions. Let's explore how chiropractic differs from medical thought.

Chiropractors hold with some universal truths:

  1. The power that made the body heals the body

All living things have a life force – our bodies are self-regulating and self-healing organisms

  1. The brain and nervous system control every function of the body

Any deviation from good health HAS to involve the brain and nervous system.

  1. The brain can be affected to make positive changes as a result of the type of stimulation that occurs with a chiropractic adjustment

Research is showing the brain is much more “plastic” or able to recover from injury and degenerative conditions, than originally thought. By acting on specialized nerve endings (mechanoreceptors) that are highly concentrated within vertebral ligaments, the brain is “rebooted” back closer to normal optimal function.

Chiropractic looks to the nervous system for the cause of any deviation from good health. Once the neurological deficit is restored through spinal adjustments, symptoms resolve and health returns.

Too often people are only concerned about their symptoms – they take something for their headaches, heartburn, or tendinitis without any concern into why they are having the problem in the first place.

Let's compare painful symptom's to the HOT light on your car's dashboard... When your HOT light comes on, do you reach in the glove compartment, get out the black tape, and cover up the red light? Of course not!

Well, just like you would look to see if you were low on coolant or oil, the chiropractor looks to find the source of the problem – usually in the spine – where the musculoskeletal system come in intimate contact with the brain and nervous system.

The chiropractic adjustment to the problem area, which we call a subluxation, stimulates a change in the brain that optimizes health and resolves the reason for the symptoms much like adding coolant to your car's engine makes the HOT light go off.

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