Chiropractors Treat All Types of Low Back Pain

May 30, 2018

People come to us and get help with ALL SORTS of back pain. Look and see if we've helped someone with YOUR TYPE of back pain. If we have, either click on the chat box below, email us at or simply call us at 605-335-0880 to get an appointment set up!


Back pain that makes you get out of a chair like an old lady/man


Back pain that makes it hard to put your socks and shoes on some mornings


Back pain that only happens every year or so; but when your back goes out you are nearly bed ridden for several days


Back pain that gets progressively worse the longer you stand, especially shopping for clothes with your wife or when waiting for your husband


Back pain that is regular enough for you to have a heating pad


Back pain that didn't get better after buying a new mattress


Back pain so bad you can't sit very long – lying down or walking around are the best, but going from one to the other causes horrible spasms


Back pain you get after watching a game from the bleachers, or from lawn chairs


Back pain that you take Tylenol or Advil for BEFORE you even start your activities


Back pain that makes it excruciating to get out of bed


Back pain that makes it hurt to pick things off the floor, or get stuff out of the dryer, or look on the lower shelf in the fridge


Back pain you manage with workouts – but it returns when your workout schedule gets interrupted


Back pain that increases the longer you sit, radiating up your back until you have to get up or fidget in your chair to make the muscle spasm let up


Back pain that makes you look forward to getting out of your car at the gas station after driving for 3-4 hours


Back pain that starts from a sneeze


Back pain that didn't resolve following surgery