Is Joint Pain Robbing You of the Things You Love in Life?

September 9, 2017

As the school year begins, the weather cools, and signs of approaching autumn remind us that summer is coming to an end, take a moment to ask yourself: "Was I able to do all the things I wanted to this summer? Was I able to do everything I did last year?" This might include things like riding in a car during a long road trip without getting cramped and sore; being able to camp, hike, waterski, play softball, ride your bike on the trails, or participate in other outdoor activities; or simply being able to accomplish your day-to-day chores and errands without difficulty or discomfort.

Each day, we all get one day older. Everyone ages. But have you ever noticed how some people seem to age more rapidly than others? Some individuals stay active well into their later years, yet others lose mobility and become physically limited at a younger age. What it really comes down to is that the better we take care of our bodies, the better our bodies will hold up against the test of time.

Our team at Reinecke Chiropractic can help you take care of your body and maintain maximum wellness and function now and for years to come. During an appointment at our clinic, we'll often times take an x-ray of the area of your body causing discomfort, in order for us to be able to see the amount of wear-and-tear that the body has already sustained. X-rays will give us an idea of how long it will take for us to help each individual patient reach his or her maximum well-being potential. Following x-rays, one of our doctors of chiropractic will visit with you to discuss the issues that are causing you discomfort and keeping you from being able to live the lifestyle that you want to live. What activities are limited? Is it affecting your sleep? What worsens or aggravates the pain? What have you been doing to help alleviate the discomfort? Does it relate to any injury or accident you’ve experienced recently or in the past? The doctor will then perform a thorough neurological exam to check nerve function, an orthopedic exam to determine joint wear and restrictions, and a kinesiological exam to check muscle function. (Applied kinesiology is the name that refers to our chiropractic method of using muscle weakness to determine the level of nerve interference occurring in the body, and determining where we make our adjustments.) The x-rays and these exams help show us exactly how we can help you.

What makes our team of doctors at Reinecke Chiropractic different from other medical providers is that we seek and locate nerve interference, and correct these nerve interruptions by restoring the spine to proper alignment and healthy nerve function. We are able to locate muscle weakness and trace it back to the malfunctioning joint in the spine that is causing the weakness. (This malfunctioning vertebral joint is known in chiropractic terms as a subluxation.) All of our care goes toward restoring the spine to proper form and maximum function using chiropractic adjustments, which improve patients' conditions. When the spine is aligned correctly, strength returns and pain subsides. This can happen with as little as one adjustment. Many patients feel instant relief, and many conditions are alleviated within just a few visits. This is quite different from the scenario that might take place in a medical provider's office; typically, nerve function has to be extremely compromised before a medical doctor can do anything to treat it – and usually, this treatment involves surgery and/or prescription muscle relaxants or painkillers. Alternately, chiropractic is a safe, quick, natural, proven and effective treatment for nerve interruptions and the resulting pain and conditions.

Chiropractors as a whole are a very caring, innovative and conscientious group of caregivers. However, some are more attentive and innovative than others. I have heard comments from new patients such as “Wow, you guys are thorough!” or “No other chiropractor I've been to has ever found that particular problem before", and even “I’ve never felt this good after an adjustment from my other chiropractor!"

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort that’s keeping you from comfortably doing the things you love to do (or making daily chores a daunting task!), the doctors at Reinecke Chiropractic are here to help restore your body to full mobility and a natural state of health and maximum nerve function, so that you can live the lifestyle you want to live. If you are unfamiliar with the role that chiropractic has in taking care of the human body, we are here to educate and care for you. Many people assume that aches, pains and stiffness are simply a normal part of aging, and that we must simply accept and live with these conditions as we get older. Perhaps they've consulted their medical providers and these medical doctors have offered no solution. But as doctors of chiropractic, we at Reinecke Chiropractic do things differently, and can provide solutions that typical medical providers cannot offer.

Care for your body now, and your body will thank you now and later by maintaining agility and ability for years to come. Don't put it off. Let the Reinecke Chiropractic team help you start caring for your body today.