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February 26, 2014

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Sacroiliac Instability ("My hip keeps going out!"):

At the heart of our core is the sacroiliac (S/I) joints which are the joints on either side of the low back between the sacrum (tailbone) and ilium (Pelvic bone). Oftentimes after an injury to the S/I joint, the joint is unable to heal back together properly and results in an unstable pelvis with a sprung frame. Because the S/I joint is loose, manipulation of the joint will not solve the problem. The out of place joint is uncomfortable ("my hip is OUT"). After the adjustment, the joint does not have the integrity and muscle tone to hold itself in proper position. It’s sloppy and won’t stay in place. Once the condition is diagnosed, it is just a matter of taking care of the sprung frame problem which is done by blocking the pelvis and re-seating the joint, then stabilizing the pelvis by wearing an S/I belt while the pelvis heals. Once the S/I joint has healed, it won’t go out as easily as it used to.

You may have sacroiliac instability if you:

  • Like to stand with your weight on one foot,
  • Have recurrent knee or shoulder problems,
  • Have a hip that always goes out,
  • Feel more comfortable with legs crossed when seated,
  • Have recurring lumbar disc problems, and
  • Your back problems are aggravated by stairs, working on a ladder, or slipping on ice.