Pain: When to Give it Time and When to Seek Care

February 15, 2019

We don't all work out, but every one of us is active to some degree. It's good to know when we can just ease up and let a pain resolve and when a painful condition requires attention.

We get sore muscles from working them – that's a good thing to feel, but when pain becomes recurrent and increases with activity, something needs to be done to break the vicious cycle. Typically an injury in the past causes present day weakness and pain that will lead to future chronic degenerative change.

If your pain is muscular from overuse it should clear up in 3 days. Muscular pain will diminish as you continue the activity: workouts get easier, mowing the lawn gets easier, etc. If you have ongoing pain that reoccurs with activity and your pain is more in the joint then your pain may be more than just muscles. Other clues your pain may be the beginning of chronic degeneration include:

  • Pain that affects your sleep

  • Pain that returns after weeks of rest

  • Pain in the same spot from different injuries

  • Pain that gets worse when you “push it”

  • Pain that makes you refer to parts of your body as “my bad knee” or “I have a bad back”


What to chiropractors at Reinecke Chiropractic Clinic do to help with pain from injuries and to prevent chronic degeneration?


  • Examine the spine and nervous system using muscle strength testing (Applied Kinesiology) AND relieve nerve injury impingement and irritation with spinal adjustments.


In a high number of cases, muscle weakness is the result of diminished innervation due to spinal subluxations as the primary factor! It is the muscle weakness that allows the painful action to occur. By restoring nerve function the chiropractic adjustment allows the body to protect the site of injury from continual irritation.


  • Look for abnormal mechanics in the joints themselves and restore normal function.


Injury or prolonged muscle weakness from spinal subluxation may cause a joint to lose its normal dynamics. If it doesn't work right, it can't feel right! Doctors at Reinecke Chiropractic are as good at adjusting wrists, feet, and shoulders as they are at adjusting the spine!


  • Address trigger points and other soft tissue lesions.


Sometimes the body over reacts to an injury with a response that doesn't go away as the injury heals. These pockets of scar tissue can be the reason for a vicious cycle engaging with activity. Sometimes these areas of scar tissue can resolve with manual treatment (the doctors using their hands). Our treatment of choice for soft tissue scarification is ARPwave neurotherapy.

ARPwave uses a proprietary blend of micro-current and e-stim to reduce scar tissue and increase muscle strength – the two things a sore joint needs to feel better. Use of ARPwave therapy can cut the healing time from an injury IN HALF and can make progress with painful conditions that have failed to respond to other therapies.