Summer Fun

May 2, 2019

At Reinecke Chiropractic we are able to find problems in your spine and correct them BEFORE they start causing problems with your body.

It's as if Winter will not end – if it has, we still have a cold, cold Spring to contend with. On the bright side we all have more time to get ready for Summer!

People always figure chiropractors are busy in the Winter due to snow shoveling. Well, we are, but not as busy as when the weather gets nice. The week following the first nice weekend is always filled with folks who have pain after resuming their long awaited Summer activities. They didn't 'over do it.' It wasn't the golf, yard work, or playing with the kids or grand kids. It was a problem that developed over the long Winter that was left uncorrected. They didn't notice anything wrong until they got active.

One may remember slipping on the ice, or moving slow after shoveling, but just because the pain diminished doesn't mean that the body doesn't still have a problem.

Those problems, those subluxations that develop during the Winter will cause painful problems when one puts a greater demand on their body in the Summer. This is particularly true with car accidents! If you were in a motor vehicle accident that caused some pain or stiffness the day or two afterwards, you may have sustained injuries you are unaware of. Reinecke Chiropractic has an instrument patented to determine the existence of soft tissue injury. The DynaROM s-EMG has been dubber “The lie detector test” for soft tissue injury. If you were injured in a car accident and currently have no pain, your body could be masking your symptoms. A DynaROM exam would show you were indeed injured despite being currently asymptomatic.

A visit to Reinecke Chiropractic will insure that your body is ready for Summer. Understand that some Winter injuries may take a course of treatment to restore your body to optimum health. Getting your spine checked for subluxations and having them corrected will reduce the chances of you feeling miserable after your first chance of having some Summer fun.