Where Do You Go When the ER Gives You NO Relief?

November 5, 2019

Where Do You Go When the ER Gives You NO Relief?

A man in his fifties started a new job; a very physically demanding one. Within days he developed severe back pain. His wife got him in for chiropractic care at our office, but adjustments could not keep up with the daily re-injury. On the weekend his back spasms were severe and his wife took him to the ER.

In his words, the ER staff “shamed him” for going to the chiropractor. He was told since the CT scan was negative there couldn't possibly be much wrong with his back and sent away with a mild muscle relaxant prescription. They disparaged chiropractic yet gave him no relief.

The next day the wife took him to Acute Care – they told him if he wanted something stronger for pain he would have to go through his family M.D. They didn't disparage chiropractic, but mentioned to him to “have them leave your neck alone. 

When the gentleman finally got a hold of his M.D. he was told, “a chiropractor is the last place you need to be with a back like that.” He prescribed different muscle relaxants that still provided no relief.

After it was determined he could not continue with the job he came in to our office on a Wednesday. He could barely move from the chair to my table. He had a lumbar disc irritating a nerve root and pelvic instability creating the perfect storm of back pain and spasm.

His disc was adjusted and his pelvic instability addressed. On Friday he returned over 60% better!


Now, we're not telling anyone not to go to the ER or Acute Care or their family M.D. - What we are saying is call Reinecke Chiropractic for some relief if when don't help!

Why tell a story about medical health care professionals denigrating chiropractic? Because their remarks only come from ignorance! If they knew more about chiropractic health care they wouldn't say what they said.


Many chiropractors pay more for their automobile coverage than they do for malpractice insurance. The reason malpractice rates are low for chiropractors is because there are so few claims against chiropractors.


In study after study, spinal manipulation, in other words chiropractic adjustments, have the best results in the treatment of low back pain compared to anyother therapy!


The US doesn't have an opioid crisis – America has a chronic pain crisis – current medical care doesn't have all the answers to treating chronic pain. With its focus on finding out what's causing the pain and correcting the problem, chiropractic could be helping so many more patients with chronic pain if they were only consulted!

We can only wonder how different things would be if every chronic pain patient who received a prescription for addictive drugs had seen a chiropractor to begin with.

What to expect from the doctors at Reinecke Chiropractic on your first visit:

  • We will listen to you explain your problem

  • We will ask questions and evaluate your spine, bone by bone, with muscle testing to determine exactly what is producing your symptoms

  • We will look into complicating factors or concurrent problems you may have

  • We will take X-rays if needed to determine the degree of degenerative change, to evaluate postural curves and to screen for fractures or congenital defects.


After a thorough examination process we will sit down with you and explain your condition and what needs to be done about it. We will give you an idea how long it will take to get your health restored and show you how you will be able to track the improvement of your condition, not just the decrease in pain.

You will receive a chiropractic adjustment on your first visit. We expect people leaving to feel better than when they came in!

In pain but not bad enough to go to the ER?

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