Ron was smoking two packs of cigarettes a day for more than 10 years, and consequently, having trouble breathing. When his smoking habit began interfering with his ability to do his job, Ron came to see Dr. Olson. Ron began acupuncture to quit smoking and after three acupuncture treatments, Ron was able to quit smoking! Today, he is smoke free and has no desire for tobacco. He says Dr. Olson is the best there is — friendly, informative and caring.


When Reda met Dr. Reinecke at the Sioux Empire Fair, she had been having lower back pain for about a year and could hardly walk without a cane. She couldn't climb stairs, carry things, stand or walk for long periods of time because of her back problems. That all changed with regular adjustments. She credits her improvement and pain-free life to Dr. Reinecke, the SI belt and ARP therapy.

"The staff is very friendly, welcomes you by name and always listens to my concerns," she said.


Emily is an avid runner who came to see Dr. Reinecke because her legs felt weak. She thought maybe she was anemic, but Dr. Reinecke found she really needed a SI belt. Wearing the belt helped improve Emily's running and made her legs strong enough to improve her own personal best running record by a minute and a half!


Ron turned to Reinecke Chiropractic Clinic after having elbow pain for 25 years and shoulder pain for four months. The pain in his shoulder and elbow had become so severe that Ron had stopped playing golf, a sport he truly loves. In the past, orthopedic doctors and other chiropractors hadn't been able to stop the pain. With Dr. Reinecke's help and ARP therapy treatments, Ron is playing golf again and his elbow is better than it has been in 20 years.


As a guard for the Tri-Valley Mustang football team, Nathan is required to lift weights. His best squat lift was 365 pounds. Dr. Reinecke suggested he start wearing a SI Belt and just two days later, while wearing the belt, he beat his previous max and squatted 385 pounds. Nathan is one of four athletes to receive a weight lifting T-shirt for improving so much.


Lora started ARP therapy to treat constant aches and tingling throughout her arm, hand and wrist. Since beginning therapy, the pain in her wrist is gone, and she is regaining strength back in her hand and wrist. She appreciates the staff and finds them enjoyable to work with.


Fifteen-month-old Kloey had been having ear infections since she was six months old. After trying several different antibiotics, her grandma brought her in to see Dr. Reinecke for help. Dr. Reinecke began adjusting little Kloey, and ever since Kloey has had no ear infections or need for antibiotics.