August 26, 2020
How do you score? Adjustments hurt False   The skill, technique, and experience of the chiropractor makes something that looks like it would hurt into a release that brings relief.   If I needed a chiropractor, my doctor would let me… more »
July 14, 2020
Did you know a chiropractor can change your brain by adjusting your back?  It is true! In this post I am going to break down the brain and back connection and how the chiropractic adjustment comes into the picture.   How does the brain communicate… more »
April 10, 2020
Watch Out For Office Syndrome While You're Working From Home! It’s true, quarantine has proven that you don’t need to be at the office to have office syndrome. In fact, we have seen an increase in patients with this condition, as working from… more »
March 23, 2020
Are you suffering from a neurological condition? There is a common misconception that chiropractic care is for “pinched nerves”. Sometimes nerves do get pinched by bone spurs or disc fragments, in these cases there would be radiating pain;… more »
November 5, 2019
Where Do You Go When the ER Gives You NO Relief? A man in his fifties started a new job; a very physically demanding one. Within days he developed severe back pain. His wife got him in for chiropractic care at our office, but adjustments could not… more »
August 26, 2019
It's Back to School...  Why a Chiropractic Checkup?   First of all, “back to school” isn't just for kids – the whole family's schedule changes when school starts. That's why it's a good time for every family member to get a chiropractic checkup.… more »
June 18, 2019
Is there something that happens with a chiropractic adjustment that is more than just bones moving? With its inception chiropractic has been a healing art – a type of health care. D.D. Palmer, the founder and developer of chiropractic held in high… more »
May 2, 2019
At Reinecke Chiropractic we are able to find problems in your spine and correct them BEFORE they start causing problems with your body. It's as if Winter will not end – if it has, we still have a cold, cold Spring to contend with. On the bright side… more »
April 2, 2019
How does the chiropractic view of health differ from the medical? Even people who have been helped though chiropractic don't have a good understanding of exactly what goes on in their bodies during a chiropractic adjustment. It almost makes sense… more »
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